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Family Support Specialist Dan Berek (right) and Joseph E. work on a craft project during a recent picnic Advancing Opportunities' Family Support Services team held for the families it provides respite and recreation services too. Full story on pg. 5 PICNIC IN THE PARK n e r g nd s p e t PI NIC IN TH

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Vol. 8 No.12 Vol. 8 o.6 .


The Millstone Times

December 2018


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Holiday guide...................................... 8 Pet Pages............................................. 16 Home Improvement............................ 19 Health and Wellness........................ 29 Kids . .................................................... 42 As We Age. ........................................... 52 Automotive . ....................................... 61 Real Estate......................................... 65 East Windsor Township. ................... 72 Food and Dining.................................. 74 Family Matters. ................................. 81 IN THIS ISSUE: In the past year, the Allentown Public Library has completed projects that reached back into the 19th century and forward into the 21st century. At an event held at the Library on November 4th, friends of the Library celebrated the renovation of the Community Room, the restoration of the foyer, and the digitization of the Messenger/ Messenger-Press newspapers from 1903-2008. The Allentown Lions Club was thanked for transforming the Community Room with new ceiling, wainscoting and trim, and upgrading the kitchenette, which was dedicated as their Centennial Project in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Lions International Organization. The work was done by Lions members and paid for in full by the Club. In her remarks, Allentown Public Library Association, President Joan Ruddiman, thanked the Lions for decades of support for the Library. “Since the Allentown Lions was founded in 1939, the Club has been at the forefront in helping the Library to grow. With generous donations of their time and talent, as well as money, the Lions have made sure this community has had a Library.” On permanent display in the Community Room are the Allentown Lions Club origi- nal charter, memorabilia, and a plaque acknowledging the Centennial Project. The guests also admired the completion of the foyer, which was funded by a matching grant from the New Jersey Historic Trust. The original 19th century exterior doors and the original floor boards have been restored, the walls and ceiling rehabbed painted, and lighting upgraded. The custom interior doors with windows have dramatically changed the entryway as patrons’ transition from the 19th century exterior to the 21st century library within. Carrie Hogan, project manager for the Trust, was thanked for her support of the project. She commented that the cost of a project does not reflect the impact, noting that though this was a relatively small project for the Trust, it has a significant influence on the building. The third major project completed in 2018 was digitizing the Library’s collection of Messenger and Messenger Press newspapers, which are now available at the newspa- site. In attendance to celebrate this accomplishment was Elizabeth Olson,

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Allentown Public Library Celebrates Completion of Major Projects By Pam Teel

the granddaughter of the founder of the Messenger, J.W. Naylor, and daughter of the 2nd owner and editor, Ellis Hull. The portraits of these two men are on perma- nent display in the Community room in appreciation of their efforts in promoting and helping the Library to grow from 1903 through the 20th century. The Monmouth County Historical Asso- ciation, particularly Joe Hammond, Direc- tor of Collections, and Joe Zemla, Assistant Curator of Collections, were thanked for taking on the project of getting the news- papers on line. Mrs. Olson and her family years ago had donated the bound copies of

Lions members Kurt Bolz, Biff Searing, Rob Schmitt, Rob Strovinsky, Steve Stein, Neil Lins- mayer, Al Muttola, and Joan Ruddiman - Presi- dent of Allentown Library Association

the papers and the microfilm with the copyrights to the Association. When the As- sociation realized that the Library was seeking to have the collection digitized, they prioritized this project, which is part of the Association’s commitment to digitize all the newspaper collections held by the MCHA. Dr. Ruddiman also thanked Joe Eisele, publisher of Media Group, for help in obtain- ing the copyrights, and with the help of Gregory Gill of the New Jersey State Archives, locating microfilm from the years the Messenger Press was published by the Princeton Packet. Joan Halle, former owner of the Messenger-Press, was also instrumental in the success of this project by providing copyrights and a complete collection of untouched micro- film from the years Joan and husband Bob Halle owned and edited the paper. The Messenger and Messenger-Press collection from 1903-2008 is now available on line free of charge through the Library’s subscription to Please visit the Allentown Public Library at 16 S. Main Street.


The Millstone Times

December 2018

The Millstone Times' Photo of the Month Are you a photo buff? Do you love taking pictures everywhere you go? Perhaps you have a favorite one that you would like to share? We want your pictures for our photo of the month section. You can send photos to the following email: In- clude your name and a description of the photo. If you have a brief story that goes with it, send that too. You may send photos more than one time. (If you prefer to send anony- mously, we will leave your name out.) Alex Ostrow from Monroe took some recent pictures from around NJ. Peddie Lake Bridge, Hightstown, NJ - It was built in 1896 and eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. It’s a two span riveted Warren through Truss Bridge located over Peddie Lake on East Ward Avenue. (Built by NJ steel and Iron)


The Sandy Hook Light House is the oldest operating lighthouse in the Unit- ed States. It is located at the northern end of the Sandy Hook Unit of Gateway National Recreation Area in Atlantic Highlands. Amazingly well-preserved, this unique octagonal tower dates back to the 18th century and has been in service since 1764. Except for being darkened during the Civil War, Span- ish-American War, World War I and II, the beacon has been operating ever since. The National Park Service owns the tower and the U.S. Coast Guard maintains the light. The lighthouse is open to the public. Tours and talks are presented by members of the New Jer- sey Lighthouse Society. Call the Visi- tor's Center for more information. Free admission. The lighthouse is on the grounds of Fort Hancock and is just one of the unbeatable tourist attractions at Sandy Hook.

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Music Review: Adrianne Lenker, Abysskiss By Preston Quinn

Adrianne Lenker’s voice sounds like a secret. No matter what she is singing, her mumbling vocal technique makes any of her songs sound like she is providing the world with every little piece of her heart. Her new album, abysskiss, is an incredibly intimate collection of tracks that become more and more complex with each listen. There is only one song on the album that includes electric guitar. The song out of your mind opens with a riff that is present throughout the whole track and lurks over the carefully finger picked guitar while Lenker sings about getting hurt in a relationship. “She is not a dragon, but I’m afraid of her fire, my heart is a wagon, but I can’t push her desire,” she sings. Every other song is only accompanied by an acoustic guitar, Lenker’s voice, and an occasional piano. Tracks like cradle are imbued with intimacy. Her poetic lyrics about the characters in her songs are full of unease and love. They are both love sick and paranoid, her words constantly trying to navigate themselves through the maze of acoustic guitar, “Baby, you’re still too proud to come down, maybe I’m still too loud to hear, all the waves ascend and disappear.” The song symbol sounds like a mumbled dirge where Lenker only accentuates the most important words in her song. Pieces of lyrics pop in and pop out of the ear, “The symbol of your love is time.” This album is a watertight exercise in Lenker’s incredible ear for melody. Songs like blue and red horses and what can you say are extremely memorable because of Lenker’s performance. While each song sounds like more of the same, each listen is more and more rewarding because of her melodies on each chorus. 10 miles finishes the album off by continuing the hushed tone of the rest of the track list. It is a highlight for me on the album, her young characters now grown old, singing

about their children, the end of their lives, and their growing disconnection with each other, “Joel, nothing is real, but we still have that feel, you’re closing up the bar, and I’m warming up the car, ten miles away.” If you listen to anything that came out recently, let it be abysskiss. It is a very intimate, beautiful, and creative exercise in Lenker’s gift for melody and is a true highlight for new music releases.


The Millstone Times

December 2018

The Logic of Logos and Catchphrases History of the Disney Logo Design By Pam Teel

Walt Disney Studios is one of the most iconic film production companies in the modern age. Every company needs some corporate identity, and more so, a logo to help put its vision and mission in the public domain. Since its creation, Disney Studios, one of the biggest and best animation companies in the world has undergone considerable milestones, not to mention significant transformations on its corpo- rate image to a near perfect logo design – their Cinderella castle symbol, to which many people around the world are accustomed to. The original Disney logo showed the profile of Mickey Mouse. When animated, as the logo always was in the company’s films and TV shows, the logo would revolve and change colors. It was both a unique design and a testament to the technological advancements in animation that Disney was making at the time. In 1995, though, the logo underwent a transformation into what would be the basis for the Disney logo we see today, featuring a light blue castle with the text “Walt Disney Pictures” displayed across it. This logo was used until 2006 when Disney adopted the logo we now see today. The current Disney logo is incredibly impressive in its detail, displaying Cinderella’s castle in all of its splendor, complete with balconies, towers, windows, and a moat. Yet again, when animated, this logo shows the advances Disney has made in animation and touts the technological capabilities of the compa- ny. The current logo, both animated and unanimated, also serves as an immediately recognizable symbol of Disney and all the wonder that the company has come to represent.

Any serious business without a logo would not go beyond its first quarter of operation. That is the way it is. Why do companies need logos? Of what benefits is it to them? Graphic Design did not start yesterday; neither did it begin ten years ago. It has been part of movie productions since the distant past. Moreover, when it comes to logo design, the two are inseparable entities unless you are talking about something else. There will hardly be any conversation about a graphic design company without the mention of a logo. It is the ultimate brand identity of a company, not to mention learning institutions and agencies. Disney studios must have invested a fortune in hiring graphic designers to come up with something as iconic as the Cinderella Castle as their Disney logo. Technically, it is a thoughtful process. Also, regarding how it plays a part in brand identity, things like color, shapes, form, lines, and canons of logo design have to play a role. For a company that stakes its brand on state-of-the-art graphics, it’s important to have a logo that lives up to their reputation. Aside from this, though, the design of the Disney logo is meant to convey a sense of wonder and imagination. Castles always evoke a myriad of feelings such as historic epoch or romance, creating wonderful pictures in your mind. When you see the luxurious Cinderella’s castle, you can’t help but wonder what is inside all of those towers and glowing rooms. Through the worlds that they have created, Disney offers a ticket inside, a way to explore realms and possibilities that stretch the mind and put a smile on your face. The Castle, located inside Disneyland is a welcoming iconic feature into a magical world of things you only see in the movies. It measures up to 189 feet high, and there is a water concrete at the bottom holding an approximated 3.37 million water gallons. A forced perspective makes the royal blue-roofed structure seem taller than its actual height. It has 27 towers, formerly 29; until 13th and 17th towers were demolished during construction since they could not be seen clearly by the public. Number 10 has a clock, and the 20th tower is the tallest. There are four more turrets that have been added to the Cinderella Castle to make it more panoramic. It features steel construction, even though the public thinks it is marble. The exterior features hardened fibre that has been reinforced with gypsum plaster. The Disney Castle can withstand 110 miles per hour hurricane winds and could remain stable in case of stronger forces of Mother Nature? By having their logo and the entrance to their theme parks look incredibly similar, the Disney logo is also able to serve as an advertisement for Disn- eyland. Since every Disney movie starts with an animation of the logo, people who enter into one of the Disney theme parks feel like they are stepping into a real-life Disney movie. One last design element to note in the current Disney logo is the shooting star that arcs across the castle, which again creates a sense of wonder and conveys a message of wishes coming true. All in all, Disney has managed to create an incredibly popular logo and per- fectly integrated it into their marketing efforts, making the history of the Disney logo a great example to learn from.

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Holiday Guide


The Millstone Times

December 2018

Holiday Guide

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Holiday Guide 25 Favorite Picks for The Holidays By Pam Teel

Annie – Millburn Through December 31 Everyone's favorite redhead takes center stage in one of the world's best- loved musicals just in time for the holidays. The star-studded Paper Mill Playhouse production features Tony Award winner Beth Leavel as Miss Hannigan, plus a couple of amazingly talented young actresses sharing the title role. Holidays at Johnson's Corner Farm – Medford Through December 30 You'd probably have to travel to Santa's workshop in the North Pole to find a place more Christmassy than Johnson's Corner Farm: At this one-stop shop for holiday fun, you can take a picture with Santa, buy a fresh-cut Christmas tree, take a hayride, see a musical light show, visit with farm animals, roast marshmallows, decorate cookies, and more. Holiday Model Train Show – Woodbridge Through December 30 (except De- cember 25 & 26) Head to the Baron Arts Center for the 27th annual Holiday Model Train Show, a beloved holiday tradition featuring a beautiful display of trains and scenery. Look closely and you'll spot local landmarks and a boardwalk scene. Go on December 1 for the show's opening reception and town tree lighting, which includes a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus. Smithville Holiday Light Show – Smithville Through December 31 (Thurs- days–Sundays) Every weekend, Historic Smithville Village treats families to holiday activi- ties, many of which are free. You can take a train ride around the beautifully decorated village, and after dark on Thursdays–Sundays, watch Christmas trees constructed from more than 50,000 lights float on Lake Meone as hol- iday music plays in the background. On select dates, catch Mrs. Claus in her Christmas Cottage from 1:30–4:30 for story time, or chat with the Mag- ic Talking Tree. FREE Turtle Back Zoo Holiday Lights Spectacular – West Orange T hrough De- cember 10 (Fri–Sun); December 11–January 2 (nightly, except December 24 & 25) NJ families have another reason to love Turtle Back Zoo: a free evening holi- day light show. More than 50 animal-shaped displays will illuminate the zoo, with several animal exhibits remaining open. Bring non-perishable foods, new/gently used winter coats, and unwrapped toys for donation. FREE Skylands Stadium Christmas Light Show – Augusta Through January 1 We like this one because you don't have to get out of your warm car to enjoy it! This drive-through, musical light show features more than two million lights, and it's one of the most popular in the state. New additions for 2017 include a Walk-Thru Lightfest to benefit the American Heart Association and an outdoor ice skating rink. Bergen County Winter Wonderland – Paramus Through December 24 (Thursdays–Sundays); December 26 – January 1 (daily) Spend a festive evening at Van Saun Park, where after-dark activities in- clude ice skating, unlimited carousel rides, zoo entry, a train ride, and food trucks. Santa will be there on select nights. Gingerbread Wonderland – Morris Township December 1–10 If the displays at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum look good enough to eat, it's because they are. Stroll around and marvel at hundreds of edible structures, and then vote for your favorite. Find more gingerbread exhibits and work- shops here. Teddy Bear Tea – Morristown December 2 Your little one can bring his or her favorite stuffed friend to tea at the Morris Museum, where there will be treats, a performance in the Bickford Theatre, and a visit from Santa. This event is perfect for kids ages 3–8. Call to reserve a spot at one of three seatings.

Johnson Corner Farm Hayride and Light Show

Skylands Stadium Christmas Light Show

Bergen County Winter Wonderland


The Millstone Times

December 2018

Holiday Guide

Santa Fly-In – Teterboro December 2 Santa gives the reindeer a rest and heads to the Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum via helicopter. Stick around after the landing for candy and photo ops. Kids under 12 are free. Civil War Christmas – Morristown December 2–3 History buffs will love traveling back in time to the Civil War era for a Christmas celebration that includes attendance at an officer's ball, complete with period music, costumes, and dancing. Visitors can also walk through a Downtown Maplewood is decked out for the holidays, and local businesses sponsor horse-drawn carriage rides, carolers, concerts, refreshments, and children's activities. The highlight is a mini "village" featuring 10 tiny houses decorated with scenes from A Christmas Carol. Menorah lighting will take place on December 18. soldier's camp and speak with costumed re-enactors. Dickens Village – Maplewood December 2, 9, 16, 18

A Charlie Brown Christmas – Rahway and Montclair December 2, 3, 9, 10 at Union County Performing Arts Center • December 21 at The Wellmont Theater Watch Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Linus discover the true meaning of Christmas as they mount a play and save a tree in the stage version of this holiday favorite. Cheer on the whole Peanuts gang, and hum along to Vince Guaraldi's classic score. Christmas Underwater – Camden December 2–30 Scuba Santa returns to Adventure Aquarium to swim with the sharks, sea turtles, and stingrays in the aquarium's 760,000-gallon Ocean Realm exhibit. Other attractions include the world's tallest underwater Christmas tree, storytime with an elf, a Snow Shower Dance Party, and more festive fun. The Laurie Berkner Holiday Show – Freehold December 3 Bestselling children's recording artist Laurie Berkner gets the band together for a performance of holiday hits at iPlay America. The show will include traditional favorites like "Frosty the Snowman" and "The Dreidel Song," as well as original songs from the album A Laurie Berkner Christmas. A Christmas Carol – Princeton December 5–31 The McCarter Theatre's top-notch, family-friendly production is the perfect way to introduce your kids to Dickens' holiday classic. The Maccabeats – Englewood December 6 The world-renowned a cappella group performs an assortment of Jewish, American, and Israeli songs in this pre-Hanukkah concert. NJ Ballet in The Nutcracker – Morristown December 8-10, 15-17, 22-24 Christmas just isn't complete without a visit to the Land of the Sweets with Clara and the Nutcracker Prince—and it's even better with live music. New Jersey Ballet will perform the holiday classic at Mayo Performing Arts Center this month, with accompaniment by the New Jersey Symphony Orches- tra. Read our roundup of Nutcrackers and holiday shows to find even more performances happening throughout the state. Gingerbread House Workshop – Union December 9 and 16 Kids can dig into piles of peppermint, candy canes, gumdrops, and more to decorate their own gingerbread houses at this workshop at Liberty Hall Museum. The museum provides all of the materials, and you go home with a special treat. The museum will be accepting new, unwrapped toys for Toys for Tots. Reservations required. Sea of Lights – Point Pleasant Beach December 15–28 Head to Jenkinson's Aquarium for an indoor holiday light spectacular featuring crafts, holiday treats, photos with Santa, games, and of course, visits with fish and other underwater creatures. Kwanzaa Festival – Newark December 16 Celebrate the 19th year of NJPAC's Kwanzaa Children's Festival and Marketplace. Participants can make arts and crafts, sing, dance, and explore the rhythms of African tradition. Hanukkah on Ice – Voorhees December 16 Skate to contemporary Jewish music and traditional Hanukkah songs at this beloved family event held at the Flyers Skate Zone. The festivities include the The beloved TV classic soars off the screen and onto the stage this holiday season. See all of your favorite characters, including Rudolph, Santa, Hermey the Elf, Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster, and more. Don’t miss this wonderful holiday tradition that speaks to the misfit in all of us. The Polar Express – Whippany December 18–31 As of this writing, tickets are still available for this magical holiday train ride featuring hot cocoa and cookies served by dancing chefs, a reading of The NJ Ballet in The Nutcracker lighting of a giant menorah made out of ice, as well as crafts, donuts, and hot latkes. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Musical – New Brunswick December 18

Polar Express, and a special gift from Santa. New Year's Eve Splash – Camden December 31

Ring in the New Year at Adventure Aquarium, where you can celebrate by visiting with your favorite sea creatures, getting down at a dance party, and watching fireworks over the Delaware River. The event ends at 6 p.m., so you'll be home in time to have a New Year's Eve celebration of your own.

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Forty-three years ago, the idea of having Santa fly into the Princeton Airport for the local children to experience was brought to life by the Nierenberg family, owners of the Princeton Airport. Throughout the years, this has evolved into a wonderful annual event for the families in our community. The tradition continues this year on Sunday, December 24th at 11:00 A.M. when the airport hangar doors open to children awaiting Santa's arrival. Parents are advised to bring their children to the airport at 10:00 A.M., as the Princeton Airport Flying Tigers will be serving cocoa and cookies, and local folk singer Pat McKinley, starting at 10:30, will be leading the audience in holiday songs as everyone anticipates Santa's arrival. If parents would like to have a gift waiting for their child, they should bring a wrapped gift with the child's name on it in large print to the Princeton Airport lobby. Gifts should be no larger than 12” to accommodate Santa. If parents have more than one child participating, the gifts should be wrapped in the same paper and tied together to speed up the distribution. Also, to have their child participate, parents need to bring a gift for donation, as well. This is very important: These gifts must be new, unwrapped and will be collected by the Mercer County Board of Social Services. Personal checks made out to the “Foodbank Network of Somerset County”, as well as canned or boxed food are suitable alternatives accepted at the airport. Donations from non-participants are kindly accepted as well. Gift collection begins the day after Thanksgiving at 8:00 A.M. and ends on Sunday, December 17th enabling county workers to arrange the best matches for the needy. The gifts can be deposited in the “chimneys” in the lobby of the airport between 8:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. Once Santa's plane lands, he will head into the hangar along with all the participants to distribute each gift individually. In fairness to all, Santa will distribute the gifts in the order in which they are received at the airport. Children will also have the opportunity to take a picture on Santa's lap. Usually, distribution is completed by 1:00 P.M. and Santa continues his journey. There is no charge for this event. The Princeton Airport is located in Montgomery Township, 3.5 miles north of Princeton on Route 206. The full address is 41 Airpark Road, Princeton, NJ, 08540. For further information, call 609-921-3100 or visit

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The Millstone Times

December 2018

Holiday Guide

New Jersey Family Fun For The Holidays Smithville Holiday Light Show – Smithville Through January 6, 2019 (Thursdays–Sundays) Every weekend, Historic Smithville Village treats families to holiday activities, many of which are free. You can take a train ride around the beautifully decorated village, and after dark on Thursdays–Sundays, watch Christmas trees constructed from more than 50,000 lights float on Lake Meone as holiday music plays in the background. On select dates, catch Mrs. Claus in her Christmas Cottage from 1:30–4:30pm for story time, or chat with the Magic Talking Tree. FREE Turtle Back Zoo Holiday Lights Spectacular – West Orange Through December 16 (Fridays–Sundays); December 17–31, 2018 (nightly, except December 24 & 25) NJ families have another reason to love Turtle Back Zoo: a free evening holiday light show. More than 50 animal-shaped displays will illuminate the zoo, with several animal exhibits remaining open. Bring non- perishable foods, new/gently used winter coats, and unwrapped toys for donation. FREE The Polar Express – Whippany Through December 30, 2018 As of this writing, tickets for select dates are still available for this magical holiday train ride featuring hot cocoa and cookies served by dancing chefs, a reading of The Polar Express, and a special gift from Santa.

Memorable Gifts for the Holidays and All Occasions It’s Perennial Home for the Holidays


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M icroblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that allows you to dramatical- ly correct or fully reconstruct lost eyebrow. It was first introduced in Asia. Eyebrow Microblading is performed by manually depositing pigment in the basal layer of the epidermis by a special pen. It does not involve the use of a machine. Unlike permanent makeup

brow treatments, Microblading techniques in- volves drawing individual, crisp hair strokes that are more natural looking than tattooing, brow pencil or powders. The blade of a Microblading pen contains numer- ous pins that are 3 times thinner than the needles used in tattooing. When performed correctly, this procedure is almost painless. We use a very effec- tive numbing solution to limit discomfort.

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DS.MillstoneTimes.5x5.55.4C.indd 1

2018-09-20 12:35 PM

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Holiday Guide

Choose & Cut

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The Millstone Times

December 2018

Holiday Guide

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PET PAGES Best Pet Photo Contest


lucy & LACY












The Millstone Times

December 2018


Cats at Home:


Home Veterinary Visits

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By Pam Teel A Loving Family NO MORE PAIN RESCUE saves dogs from neglect, abuse and cruelty, as well as from disasters across Puerto Rico and Mexico. They rehabilitate them in their Staten Island facility and find perfect forever homes for them. They have dogs for every family, ranging from 8 weeks old to senior dogs. If interested in seeing all the dogs they have available please follow them on social media at NOMOREPAINRESCUE or visit their website at NOMOREPAINRESCUE.ORG for more information or to fill out an application. I urge you to go visit their Facebook page. There you will see new animals that just arrived, many puppies and rescued dogs. Look here before you go elsewhere!!!!!! NO MORE PAIN RESCUE

Bori is a sweet boy. He’s 3 months old. He was left abandoned on the beach. He’s a happy playful dog and loves everyone he meets. Grandpa is a senior 8-year-old sharpie mix. He is partially blind. Would make a great companion and a person’s best friend. He is kind and loyal. He listens, comforts and loves all people and is a great role model to the younger puppies. Esmeralda aims to please. She did her best to please her trainer with her spunk personality. She was rescued from Hurricane Florence in N.C. She’s sweet, kind and playful. She’s a year and a half year old mixed Pitbull. She loves other dogs, children and adults. She’s very energetic. Moe is a 6-month-old petite Lab mix. She is full of spunk and loves to play, cuddle, and be with other dogs. She has a twin brother Larry also available for adoption. Both dogs would brighten up a home. Keto is the friendliest puppy we know. One-year-old Pitbull mix who loves kids, other animals like cats and chickens. Great personality. Mia is a little shy at first but when she warms up she will show you all the love she has to offer. She will steal your heart away. She loves to play, loves sunbathing and cuddling. She’s an 11-month-old Lab mix. Buster is a handsome sweet playful 11-month-old Lab mix who loves attention, loves to give hugs, is very energetic and makes everyone smile. Tamam is a 2-year-old from Puerto Rico who has lots of love to give. A great listener, gentle and sweet around everyone. Great on a leash, loves walks and being around people. Would make a great companion. Trigger is an 11-month-old pit mix. A stocky little guy with a big heart. He loves to cuddle, loves walks, is house broken, great with kids and other dogs. What else could you ask for!!!!!! Lenore 3–month-old Lab mix. Tiny girl but big personality loves other cats, dogs super friendly Snow 3 mo. Old Dachshund mix found in Puerto Rico abandoned. Shy girl but warms up quickly. Sweet dog. Annabelle 3-month-old Lab mix abandoned from hurricane, extremely playful.








Tamam Trigger





The Millstone Times

December 2018


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Coupon not to be combined with any other coupons, offers or third party discounts.Minimumsquare footagemustbeof thesamehardwoodquality. Colors may vary. Coupon must be presented at time of the sale. Cannot be presented at time of installation. Excludes all prior sales & contracts. Expires 12/25/18.

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The Millstone Times

December 2018


The Do’s and Dont's of Your Septic System

Learn these simple steps to protect your home, health, environment and property value: Do: Have your system inspected (in general) every three years by a licensed contractor and have the tank pumped, when necessary, every three to five years. Don’t : Pour cooking grease or oil down the sink or toilet Rinse coffee grounds into the sink.

Pour household chemicals down the sink or flush them. Do: Eliminate or limit the use of a garbage disposal. Properly dispose of coffee grounds & food. Put grease in a container to harden before discarding in the trash.

Don’t Overload the Commode: Flush non-degradable products or chemicals, such as feminine hygiene products, condoms, dental floss, diapers, cigarette butts, cat litter, paper towels, pharmaceuticals. Do: Dispose of these items in the trash can! Don’t: Park or drive on your drain field. The weight can damage the drain lines. Plant trees or shrubs too close to your drain field, roots can grow into your system and clog it.

Do: Consult a septic service professional to advise you of the proper distance for planting trees and shrubs, depending on your septic tank location. Don’t: Concentrate your water use by using your dishwasher, shower, washing machine, and toilet at the same time. All that extra water can really strain your septic system. Do: Stagger the use of water-generating appliances. This can be helpful especially if your system has not been pumped in a long time. Become more water efficient by fixing plumbing leaks and consider installing bathroom and kitchen faucet aerators and water-efficient products. For more Septic Smart tips, visit ADMIRAL WATER

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The Millstone Times

December 2018

HOME IMPROVEMENT How to Fold Clothes to Save Space By Lauren Kolacki If you are anything like me, you have way more clothes than you do space. I am always looking for a way to consolidate without it becoming a huge unorganized mess. Fortunately, we have discovered the most efficient way to fold clothes that utilizes the least amount of space. T-shirt 1. Fold in half lengthwise Blouse 1. Lay the blouse on its front 2. Fold one side in across the back, then fold the sleeve down to create a straight side and repeat

2. Fold the sleeves in, across toward the center line 3. Fold in half widthwise with the sleeves tucked inside 4. Fold in half widthwise again Turtleneck Sweater 1. Fold in half lengthwise

3. Fold bottom up towards the top 4. Fold top over to cover the rest Dress 1. Hold by the shoulders, fold lengthwise and align the seams 2. Shake to remove any wrinkles, place on a flat surface and smooth out 3. Fold in the sides lengthwise to make a long rectangle 4. Fold bottom up, then the top over that, to make it 1/3 size Hooded Sweater 1. Lay the hoodie face down and fold arms across the back 2. Fold in half widthwise, bottom to top 3. Fold in half lengthways, making a square 4. Open up the hood and stretch it over the folded hoodie Overalls 1. Lay them face down, if they have arms, fold them in towards the center 2. Fold the legs up to the top 3. Fold the sides in towards the center, making a long rectangle 4. Folds the legs up to the top again and turn over

2. Fold sleeves over the body and fold collar down towards the sleeves 3. Fold sleeves back over themselves and turn cuffs under the sleeves 4. Fold in half widthwise bottom to top Shirt 1. Lay out the shirt, buttoned up, face down 2. Fold the sides over to the shoulders, then fold the sleeves back to make a long rectangle 3. Fold the bottom up to meet the base of the collar 4. Flip over Trousers 1. Fold in half lengthways, one leg on top of the other 2. Fold the bottom of the legs up to just below the pockets

3. Fold the knees up to the pockets 4. Fold the bottom up one more time

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