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v We are so much more than just weight-loss. v We don’t promote or endorse quick weight loss shakes, cleanses, or pills. v We teach you how to successfully treat your ailments with balanced nutrition. v We teach you the correct amount of calories you should be consuming to help you reach your weight management goals.


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Common Conditions We Treat: High Cholesterol, Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Yeast Growth, High Blood Pressure, Food Allergies, Eating Disorders, Gout, Pre and Post Natal Nutrition, Celiac Disease, Childhood and Adolescent Nutrition and Obesity. All Programs are developed and implemented by Registered Dietitians.

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Q: Aren’t All Running Shoes the Same? A: No, proper footwear provides stability, support and overall foot and back health. When we run, our bodies absorb tremendous impact. The shock from this im pact is felt in the feet and travels up our spine. This can cause stress and strain on the joints which can lead to both back and feet pain and injury over time. There is no better protection for your feet than shoes.

Dr. Sanjay Gandhi, DPM

Special running footwear is constructed for the purpose of protection with a thicker heel to ab sorb impact and a heel-to-toe drop to match the natural gait cycle of running. Running shoes are intended to complement the natural feel of your foot. Proper shoes should feel like an extension of your feet with the added protection that helps control the high-impact forces and ensures proper running form, which reduces joint strain. Proper running shoes are only part of the solution: strengthening and conditioning our muscles in our legs and core-region is also essential for injury prevention. Treadmill use can induce 3 to 5 times the shock forces from your feet, all the way upto your spine! This makes choosing the best shoegear even more important. Our office can answer all your shoe questions. We measure for the best fit, can add shock absorbing inserts, and use superior brands for running and many other activities!

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