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Mel Stewart Musical Entertainment

Midl-Accordionist and Singer

Keyboardist and Entertainer


(609) 443-5330 (609) 443-5331

Office Phone Number 609-619-3406

Cell Phone Number 917-584-1140

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659 Abbington Dr., #403 East Windsor, NJ 08520 (Twin Rivers Shopping Mall, Rt 33)

What is the name of the fruit that Food, Trivia & Fun! What are the flavors of the different colored Fruit Loops? They are all the same flavor!

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What was the original use for ketchup? Ketchup was originally used for diarrhea medicine!

HOURS: MONDAY - THURSDAY 11:00am-9:30pm FRIDAY-SATURDAY 11:00am-10pm SUNDAY 12pm-9:30pm

transforms sour things into sweet things? The miracle berry

What animal from South America has the nickname ‘chicken of the trees’? The iguana

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All About Capers By: Nazli Mohideen Typically found in the Mediterranean and parts of Asia, capers are small, green flower buds. They grow from the capparis spinosa, otherwise known as the caper bush. Before they have a chance to ripen, the capers are plucked from the bushes and then placed in a brine to bring out more flavor. It is said that the smaller the caper is, the better, since as they grow in size, they become more acidic in flavor. The capers range from the nonpareils variety to surfines, capucines, capotes, fines, and finally, grusas. The non pareils kind is usually the best-tasting.

Capers are sold in jars similar to pickles and olives. Before cooking with them, the capers are drained from its brine and dried. Recipes calling for capers include potato salad, pasta, different sauces, and salmon. They’re a staple in Greek and Italian dishes. Capers also have a bright, but incredibly salty taste. It is recommended to drain and rinse the capers thoroughly before use. Otherwise, there is no need to additionally salt your dish. The small buds have great nutritional benefits. Not only are they low in cholesterol, but capers are also a source of protein and fiber, various vitamins, calcium, iron, and magnesium.

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