The Millstone Times May 2022

Women Who Empower Others! Meet Jackie Profaca By, Pam Teel

Jackie, a Millstone Township resident, found her true calling for helping others, after years of trying to digest and understand her own ways of coping with the ups and downs of everyday life. In dealing with her own sadness, anxiety, and low self-esteem, she set off on a spiritual journey to first heal herself, and then heal others, by showing them how to find the power from within to create an equal balance and maintain stability. Jackie always felt an inner calling for helping others. At a much younger age, she had an awareness of being highly sensitive to other people’s emotions, and an under standing of not only how, but what, they were feeling. However, it wasn’t until later in life that Jackie had quieted her own mind long enough, and gained clarity about her intuitions and insight, in order to continue down her own spiritual path. As she paid more attention, listened, believed, trusted, messages started to come; meaning ful one’s, not only for her, but for others as well. Jackie is an empath. An empath is someone who is aware of and shares another person’s feelings, experiences, and emotions. This can be quite draining to an empath because they can physically and mentally take on what that person is feeling. They must learn to protect and ground themselves constantly. Jackie’s being able to connect with people on a spiritual level opened up the doors for her next journey in life. One could say her life purpose is her gift and her passion for healing others by helping them with improved energy flow and well-being. As a Certified Usui Reiki Master, Crystal Therapist, and Sound Healer, Jackie helps clients by using holistic healing to promote wellness, offering gentle healing of the emotional, physical, and spiritual self, to assist and encourage the body’s natural abil ity to heal. After conducting many private Reiki sessions with her clients, and witnessing pro found healing, Jackie had the desire to reach more people with a message of hope and the realization of the power that they held within themselves. This was the moment she decided to develop group classes that include Reiki. With the use of Universal Life Force Energy, mindfulness, and intention, clients are able to release limited beliefs and old patterns, in an effort to make better choices. She

also uses her past twenty years’ experience as a public and private school teacher to help children and teens learn coping skills and techniques through mindful ness practices to self-regulate, reduce stress and anx iety, improve focus, mental clarity, self-control, and confidence. Her Adult classes include: a seven -week journey through the Chakra series, (in an effort to open up the chakra’s and learn how to prevent blockages), private and group reiki sessions, meditation classes, sounds therapy (utilizing singing bowls, tuning forks, etc.,) Crystal therapy, (discovering the healing power of certain crystals,) Aura cleansing, full moon gathering, and mindfulness classes for both, adults and children. Jackie wants to reach out to more people as a way to

help them to understand their own feelings so that they can ‘live their lives’ without constant fear and worry. She is there to help you raise your vibrations and restore the power back to you. Energy never dies, you just need to learn how to recharge it for a better purpose. Jackie believes that clearing out debris will make room for more high frequency experiences, thus bringing back into our lives a heightened sensation for joy and pleasure. With cleansing, balancing, and recharging chakras, energetic disturbances that limits one from living life to their highest and greatest good are released. It is Jackie’s goal to continue her path as a holistic healer. She loves learning new modalities for healing and bringing positive changes into her client’s lives. Her clients say she has a “gift”, and this make her soul shine. Helping her client’s live life with positivity, peace of mind, clarity, and joy is what makes Jackie happy! Crystalsbless / If you know someone doing amazing things for their community, past and present, young and old, please send us a message!

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May 2022

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