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INSIGHTS to our new Member Portal

We have heard lots of feedback from Builders and HBA’s over the past few years to create an intranet/portal so that files can be sent securely.

Once you receive a welcome email invite, please click on the link, it will prompt you to create a password and then your Portal account will be active. In our Member Portal, you will find your quarterly Remittance Statements, a custom claim form (if you have requested one), deadline reminders, assistance, and Manufacturer information. We created this to be a dedicated page for this member benefit.

Continue to submit as you typically prefer to do and feel free to keep contacting us the same way as well. Any assistance on utilizing this new customer service tool, or if you need us to resend the welcome email invite, please let us know.

INSIGHTS to our newest Claim Form method

Many Builders have requested an easier version of our Online Claim Form that could be completed through our website. Our newest Claim Form method allows the user to complete the Claim Form on their time with a new save feature. It also allows the user to claim using different products per residential address or the same products in multiple residential addresses. Simply choose the Manufacturers you are claiming for and what is required to verify appears to complete. Once the form is completed, it generates a .pdf for your records. We encourage you to choose the method that best works for you. Remember, we are here to assist in any way.

INSIGHTS to our “How to Claim” Webinars Register at:

Our weekly webinars are designed to provide you withmore details on this member benefit. Learn about the Member Rebate Program, how to claim, and ask us any questions. Most webinars are between 15 and 20 minutes in length.

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If you need/desire a custom webinar, provide us your desired date & time and we would be happy to assist.

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