INSIGHTS Magazine Fall 2020


Making your home sweet home even sweeter. Congratulations on your new home! And our compliments to your builder, on equipping your rooms with Delta faucets and showers. We create our products to be not just dependable, but transformative—and by basing our innovations around your needs, we’re able to produce designs and technologies that make your everyday life a little simpler. We hope you’ll enjoy reading more about Delta Faucet’s technologies. For our part, we’ll enjoy being part of your home for years to come.

TOUCH 2 O ® TECHNOLOGY. Tap it on. Tap it off. Just one touch on the spout or handle starts or stops the water’s flow. Because life is too short to spend time cleaning the thing that cleans you. • Soapy or messy hands? Simply use the back of your hand or forearm to turn on the water. It’ll help keep your faucet clean and reduce cross-contamination. • The first innovation of its kind on the market, Touch 2 O Technology is now available in more styles, finishes and options than ever.

MULTICHOICE ® UNIVERSAL. Although you can’t see the MultiChoice Universal rough behind your bathroom wall, it will make any future shower changes easier for you. • If you choose to upgrade your shower’s function (maybe going from just temperature control to controlling temperature and volume), or change its style (when you’re ready to redecorate), the MultiChoice rough will let you do so more easily (without altering plumbing behind the wall).

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