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August 2019

History of the Internet By: Nicole Iuzzolino

Today, the Internet controls our lives. Whether we are looking for a restaurant to grab a Sunday brunch, researching for that research pa- per on World War II, or looking to see what concerts are in town next weekend, we depend on the Internet. No matter what we do in our day to day lives, we are using the Internet to fulfill a multitude of our needs. However, the Internet is a fairly recent invention, so how did individuals get by without it? To start, one of the many services that individuals nowadays is called Spotify. Spotify is a service that allows the individual to download as much music as they want, whenever they want. However, long before that convenient service, you either had to buy a physical CD from the store, or record whatever you like from the radio. It was not as easy as clicking the “add” button to add a song to any playlist on your phone. To record a song from the radio, it actually took a bit of skill. Another big difference between the age of the Internet and before in- volves dating. Today, there are many ways to meet potential partners through apps/sites such as Tinder, Chrisitan Mingle, and EHarmony. These services allow you to find someone just be the click of a button or a swipe of your finger. The possibilities are absolutely endless! However, these sites were not offered back in the days before this. To find a date, it had to be through school, work, a blind date, or anything that involved some sort of social interaction. No one was snapchatting or texting mak- ing plans or having ‘facetime dates’ everything was done face to face. There was definitely more face to face communication then there is now. Everyone was more sociable because they had to be! One of the biggest things that Business Insider states about pre internet life is that there was no “FOMO” or “fear of missing out.” Nowadays with social media, everyone is posting their luxurious summer excursions and it makes others feel as if they are missing out on experiences. That used to never be the case. Everyone was content with their lives the way they were and happy with pretty much everything. FOMO can put one in a fit of despair and make them feel upset. Back in the day, this was not the case. Even with some of these drawbacks, the Internet has provided us with a plethora of opportunities. It allows us to meet new people, and do basic tasks with ease. However, the past was clearly a simpler time.


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The Logic of Logos & CatchphraseS Bacardi Rum By Pam Teel Ever wonder why the legendary rum maker would choose a bat as its brand logo? As the story goes, company founder Don Fac- undo Bacardi Massó’s wife, Doña Amalia Bacardí, spotted fruit bats in the family’s distillery one day. Believing the winged vis- itors were a sign of good luck, she insisted they be the symbol of the family’s company. Her intuition was spot on, as Bacardi rose to be one of the largest spirit manufacturers in the world with legions of fans, including Ernest Hemingway, who ref- erenced the company in three of his novels.

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The history of rum tends to be an interesting one because sailors and seafarers favored this strong, sweet spirit during the Age of Exploration. Bacardi is perhaps the most iconic rum in the Americas and is credited with creating such clas- sic cocktails such as, rum and coke, and the daiquiri, which was favored by Ernest Hemingway. Its story dates back to 1862 in Santiago de Cuba and un- folds across the Caribbean and to the United States. Facundo Bacardí Massó, whose family immigrated to Cuba when he was 16, eventually set about refining the rum. Up until this point it had been made cheaply and was not considered to be a desirable drink. He developed a proprietary strain of yeast giving Bacardi its clean flavor profile, filtered it through charcoal to remove impurities and aged the rum in white oak

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barrels to mellow it. This resulted in the first clear, or “white,” rum in the world. Facundo eventually opened a small distillery with his brother-in-law, mark- ing the beginning of Bacardi’s history. The years to follow were turbulent times for the citizens of Cuba, with the Cuban War of Independence in the 1880s and 1890s. Facundo’s eldest son, Emilio, was imprisoned and exiled for fight- ing in the rebel army against Spain. The women of the family were exiled to Jamaica. Starting in 1912, after the United States occupation of Cuba, the company expanded with bottling plants in Barcelona and New York City. When pro- hibition struck the United States in the 1920s, Cuba became a hotspot for American tourists who could enjoy Bacardi’s rum freely. Bacardi continued to be passed down as a family business through three gen- erations and moved its headquarters to Havana in 1930. The rum’s popularity continued to grow, forever associating Cuba with rum, and Bacardi in partic- ular. It expanded globally to Mexico, Puerto Rico and the United States. When Fidel Castro’s Cuban Revolution took hold of the island in the 1960s, Bacardi managed to hide its proprietary formula, trademark and assets in the Bahamas. Eventually, it moved its operation to Puerto Rico and Mexico, which proved beneficial in trading with the United States. As a result, Bacardi is not found at bars or grocery stores in Cuba today. The main brand on the island is Havana Club, which Bacardi acquired at one time, and is currently embroiled in a lawsuit with the Cuban government over trademarks and ownership. In 1964, Bacardi opened its United States headquarters in Miami, Florida, inside an eye-catching building designed by exiled Cuban architect Enrique Gutierrez. What makes the exterior of the building so unique are 28,000 blue and white tiles depicting flowers constructed by Brazilian artist Francisco Brennard. In 2006, Bacardi moved its headquarters from the midtown Miami location to nearby Coral Gables. Today, the building still stands and is com- monly referred to as the Bacardi Building. Bacardi is now one of the most recognized and highly consumed rums worldwide. Varieties range from its original white to smooth and mellow gold. It still uses the bat as its mascot. The company merged with Martini & Rossi in 1993 and acquired other spirits brands, expanding its portfolio to include Bombay Sapphire, Grey Goose and Dewar’s, amongst others.

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August 2019

Print Advertising Tips and Facts By Cami Gunther, Owner Publisher

The claims of the death of print media advertising were not only greatly exaggerated – they were dead wrong. Print media advertising isn't just hanging on, either. Now that digital advertising has been around long enough to be evaluated, it's clear that the advantages of print media are many. But the best use of print advertising isn't when it's a substitute for other media. When print is combined with other advertising media, it shows its real strength. Here are the facts: • Research shows print allows you to gain deeper understanding and memory because newspapers and magazines are laid out intentionally for readability and enhanced memory retention. • Print Offers unparalleled target marketing by sections and specific editorial topics. When the reader, the business advertiser and the voice of the publi- cation have same “values and goals”, print succeeds in ROI over other media. • Unlike Internet advertising that readers often must click to read, social media that comes and goes, or quick radio or TV ads, print media advertising stays in front of you. • Local news and credible publications give businesses an aura of strength, trust and solidity. People view print advertisers as more trustworthy than those in digital formats. • All types of advertising require repeat placement to be effective. But it is proven that awareness continues to grow with the frequency of print ads more than other media. • Print is the most budget friendly with greatest impact because look at any print ad's closing paragraph, and you're likely to see a redirect to a website for more information or a special offer. That's because print is exceptionally good at driving readers to wherever you want them to go like the web for your reviews. • For maximum impact, your marketing campaign should be an integrated with editorial that is helpful to the reader, creates your business as more cred- ible and unique than your competitor. Discounts and coupons can hurt a business. • Local print combined with editorial, branding, repetition and community involvement increases your overall businesses’ ROI in the long run- big pic- ture. Cami Gunther • 732.995.3456 •

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State Department Releases ‘Game-Changer’ Global Human Trafficking Report

The author of America’s landmark human trafficking law, Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), called the 2019 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report released today by the Trump Administration “hon- est, tough, comprehensive—a game-changer.” Each year, pursuant to Smith’s law—the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) of 2000 (P.L. 106-386)—the State Department assesses every country’s record on sex and labor traf- ficking, and focuses on prevention of trafficking, protection of victims, and prosecution of traffickers. “In the dark world of human trafficking women and girls are reduced to mere commodities for sale,” said Smith. “Their lives are ruined often through repeated sexual exploitation and vi- olence, forced by intimidation and threats of traffickers. Childhoods are swept away in trauma that lasts a lifetime. Human trafficking is a travesty in a modern world. We hope that the TIP report released today gives the hope of freedom for victims and justice to traffickers.” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo released the report at the State Department today in a room filled with anti-trafficking workers from both government and anti-trafficking individuals and organizations. Smith, as well as the head of the TIP Office Ambassador at-Large John Cotton

Richmond and other leaders were in attendance for the event. The White House was represented by Advisor to the President, Ivanka Trump. Pompeo said the U.S. would press nations around the world to fight trafficking in their countries, or face world scrutiny through the TIP report, and possible U.S. sanctions. “If you don’t stand up to trafficking, America will stand up to you,” Pompeo said. In order to fight for the freedom of every trafficking victim, and justice for every trafficker, “We must remain steadfast.” As it did in the 2018 report, the government of China scores the lowest tier rating, Tier 3. Smith, a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Com- mittee and the top Republican on the Congressional Executive Commission on China (CECC), chaired hearings that examined trafficking conditions cited in the TIP Report. Chinese slave labor also harms the U.S. economy. The U.S. Labor Department in recent years expanded its list of goods made with forced or child labor in China—including in the sectors of artificial flowers, bricks, Christmas decorations, coal, cotton, electronics, footwear, garments, nails, textiles and toys. “Once again China is in a race to the bottom of the list of human rights offenders with the worst violators around the world, including Cuba, North Korea, Russia and Saudi Arabia, which are all among the 22 countries on this year’s Tier 3 list,” Smith said. “It’s record on human trafficking is abysmal, and the cost in human suffering is staggering. Smith noted that the TIP report recognized the Chinese government’s coercive population control program, which includes forced abortion and forced sterilization, and a cultural preference for sons created a skewed sex ratio of 117 boys to 100 girls in China, which drives the demand for prostitution and foreign women as brides, both of which may be procured by force or coercion. “It couldn’t be more clear,” Smith said, “that the tens of millions of missing daughters of China that have been systematically killed through sex-selection abortion is a principal cause of sex trafficking in China.” Smith is the author of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act which created the Office of Trafficking in Persons and instituted the annual TIP Report, as well as other mutually reinforcing policies to prevent trafficking, prosecute traffickers and protect victims. He has held hundreds of hearings on human rights issues. According to the International Labour Organization: • At any given time in 2016, an estimated 40.3 million people are in modern slavery, including 24.9 million in forced labour and 15.4 million in forced marriage. • There are 5.4 victims of modern slavery for every 1,000 people in the world. • 1 in 4 victims of modern slavery are children. • Out of the 24.9 million people trapped in forced labor, 16 million people are exploited in the private sector such as domestic work, construction or agriculture; 4.8 million persons in forced sexual exploitation, and 4 million persons in forced labor imposed by state authorities. • Women and girls are disproportionately affected by forced labor, accounting for 99 percent of victims in the commercial sex industry, and 58 per- cent in other sectors Under the TIP report, Tier 1 countries fully meet minimum standards for the elimination of human trafficking. Tier 2 countries do not meet the mini- mum standards but are making significant effort to do so. Tier 2 Watch List countries do not fully comply with the minimum standards and the absolute number of victims is severe or increasing, or there is a failure to provide evidence of increasing efforts as compared to the previous year, or the determi- nation that a country is making significant efforts was based on commitments by the country to take additional future steps over the next year. Tier 3 countries do not meet the standards and are not making significant efforts to do so. Along with the embarrassment of being listed on Tier 3, such countries are open to sanction by the U.S. government. Tier 3 countries are subject to potential sanctions that include the United States using its voice and vote to deny such countries loans from the Interna- tional Monetary Fund (IMF) and other multi-lateral banks, and barring non-humanitarian, non-trade related foreign assistance, as well as certain educa- tional and cultural exchange programs.

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August 2019

Q: LEADERS IN LEAST INVASIVE PAIN & SPINE PROCEDURES How can Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment Help Shoulder and Knee Pain?


Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy also referred to as PRP Therapy, is a progressive non-surgical treatment to treat a variety of conditions including arthritis, ten- don injuries, and ligament injuries. PRP is part of a group of state-of-the-art treatments collectively referred to as Regenerative Medicine. PRP treats an injured area naturally using your body’s own growth factors to accelerate healing. It has been shown to be safe and effec- tive for numerous joint and soft tissue injuries. It has been extensively researched in numerous medical journals and publications all over the world. Some of the many uses of Platelet Rich Plasma include osteoarthritis (degenera- tive arthritis) of the spine, knee, shoulder, hip, hands, and feet, as well as menis- cus tears, plantar fasciitis, and rotator cuff tears. The procedure is simple and is performed in the office. The PRP process begins when a small amount of the patient’s blood is removed from the arm and placed into a special container. The blood is then placed into a device called a centri- fuge which spins the blood to help the separate the portion of the blood which becomes concentrated with platelets, thereby giving the procedure its name. These platelets are important because they release growth factors to recruit stem cells and to assist in healing an injured area naturally. Once the PRP is isolated, it is injected to the injured area under the guidance of an ultrasound machine to help accelerate healing and reduce pain.

This healing works on the simple principle that your body is perfectly capable of healing itself. Your blood contains all the essential components that the body produces to repair tissue damage. Each time you have an injury, the platelets in your blood along with growth factors, stem cells, cytokines, and other elements create a scaffolding on the site. The damaged tissues use this framework to regenerate and repair. The entire process takes approximately one hour, and pa- tients are sent home the same day. Patients on average report more than 50% improvement in 6 weeks and up to 100% improvement in 12 weeks. This may eliminate the need for more aggressive and expensive treatment options such as long-term medication or surgery. In a recent study, researchers at Hospital for Special Surgery gave patients with early osteoarthritis an injection of PRP and then monitored them for one year. After one year of the PRP injection, physicians evaluated the knee cartilage with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). While previous studies have shown that patients with osteoarthritis can lose roughly five percent of knee cartilage per year, the Hospital for Special Surgery investigators found that a large majority of patients in their study had no further cartilage loss. At minimum PRP also prevented further knee deterioration.

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Did You Know…? By Pam Teel

Did you know that the first drive in movie theatre was invented in NJ by Rich- ard Hollingshead? Hollingshead was a young sales manager at his dad's Whiz Auto Products when he got a hankering to invent something that combined two of his interests: cars and movies. His vision was an open-air theater where moviegoers could watch the movie from their own cars. He experimented in his own driveway in Camden, New Jersey. He mounted a 1928 Kodak projector on the hood of his car and projected onto a screen he had nailed to trees in his backyard, and he used a radio placed behind the screen for sound. Hollingshead subjected his beta drive-in to vigorous testing for sound quality and different weather conditions. He used a lawn sprinkler to imitate rain, and then he tried to figure out how to park the patrons' cars. He tried lining them up in his driveway but this created a problem with line of sight when one car was directly parked behind another. By spacing the cars at various distances and placing blocks and ramps under the front wheels of those that were further away from the screen, Hollingshead created the perfect parking arrangement for the drive-in movie the- ater experience. He obtained the first U.S. patent for a drive-in theater on May 16, 1933. He opened his first drive-in on Tuesday June 6, 1933 with an investment of $30,000. It was located on 400 acres at Crescent Boulevard in Camden, New Jersey, and the price of admission was 25 cents for the car, plus 25 cents per person. With three investors, his cousin John Smith, Edward Ellies, and Oliver Willets, he called the company Park-In Theatres, Inc. Hollingshead reportedly was inspired by his moth- er’s struggle to sit comfortably in traditional movie theater seats so he came up with the idea of an open-air theater where patrons watched movies in the comfort of their own automobiles. The night of the opening, many eager motorists parked their cars on the grounds and enjoyed the movie, Wives Beware, from their cars.

The first drive-in design didn't include the in-car speak- er system that we know today. The three main speakers were provided by RCA Victor and were mounted next to the screen. They were not of good sound quality, es- pecially for the cars in the rear, or for nearby neighbors. Hollingshead sold the theatre in 1935 and opened another one. Park-In Theatres licensed the concept to Loews Drive-In Theatres, Inc., but had trouble collect- ing royalties in 1937. Eventually, after Loews was tak- en to court, Hollingshead's patent was ruled invalid in 1949. (The term “drive-in” came at a later date.) By then, the idea caught on and drive-in theaters be-

gan popping up all over the country. One of the largest was the All-Weather Drive- In of Copiague, New York, which featured parking space for 2,500 cars, a kid’s play- ground and a full service restaurant, all on a 28-acre lot. Drive-in theaters showed mostly B-movies, but some theaters featured the same movies that played in regular theaters. In time and with more advanced technology, the initially poor sound quality speakers gave way for each car to play the movie’s soundtrack through its FM radio. The popularity of the drive-in spiked after World War II and reached its heyday in the late 1950s to mid-60s, with some 5,000 theaters across the country. Drive-ins became an icon of American culture and a typical weekend destination not just for parents and children but also for teenage couples seeking some privacy. Since then, however, the rising price of real estate, especially in suburban areas, combined with the growing numbers of walk-in theaters and the rise of video rentals to curb the growth of the drive-in industry. Today, fewer than 400 drive-in theaters survive in the United States.

whY choose A cAthoLic ceMeterY? A Catholic cemetery is a holy and sacred place. It is a place of prayer and hope that is both a consolation to the bereaved and an inspiration to the living…a place where those who have worshipped and prayed together in life now await the resurrection.

A gift of Love Protect your family frommaking difficult and emotional decisions without you. Proclaim your acceptance of God’s love and your compassion for your family by making your decisions today and together. PrActice resPonsibLe stewArdshiP —MAnAge Your finAnces Protect your family from an unexpected financial burden by pre-planning and selecting a payment plan with terms that fit your budget. how do i Pre-PLAn? A Catholic Cemetery Memorial Counselor will explain and guide you through the pre-planning process. They are someone you can trust and who will explain the options that are available for you. You will not be pressured into making any unnecessary purchases.

for inforMAtion about the purchase of crypts, niches and plots at the METUCHENDIOCESAN-OWNEDAND OPERATEDCEMETERIES cALL 1.800.943.8400 or visit ceMeteries

MArY sorrowfuL Mother MAusoLeuM At hoLY cross • Magnificent Main Chapel

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Are you a photo buff? Do you love taking pictures everywhere you go? Perhaps you have a favorite one that you would like to share? We want your pictures for our photo of the month section. You can send photos to the following email: Include your name and a description of the photo. If you have a brief story that goes with it, send that too. You may send photos more than one time. If you prefer to send anonymously, we will leave your name out. Make sure you put “Millstone Times Photo” in the subject area when emailing or it won’t be opened. Photo of the Month The Millstone Times'

On June 20th , Millstone Township and the surround- ing areas saw a magnificent double rainbow in the sky. Janet Brigandi of Monroe Township shot a photo of it. The other rainbow photo was taken in Millstone.

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Federal Reserve Board issues Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households

The Federal Reserve Board's latest Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households found that most measures of economic well-being and financial resilience in 2018 were similar to, or slightly better than, those in 2017. Overall, the financial experiences reported by the 11,000 adults surveyed in 2018 were largely positive, and many families have experienced substantial gains since the survey began in 2013, in line with the nation's ongoing economic expansion. When asked about their overall econom- ic well-being, 75 percent of U.S. adults said they were "doing okay" or "living comfortably"—up 12 percentage points from 2013. The survey also asked how they would pay for a hypothetical unexpected expense of $400. Sixty-one percent said they would pay the expense with cash, sav- ings, or a credit card paid off at the next statement; 27 percent would borrow or sell something; and 12 percent would not be able to cover it. In 2013, only half of adults said they would pay with cash or its equivalent. Despite the improved finances of many adults, the survey continued to detect areas of financial distress as well as persistent differences by race, education level, and, in some cases, geography. Nearly 8 in 10 whites reported doing at least okay financially, compared to two-thirds of blacks and Hispanics. A similar difference exists by education: among those with a bachelor's degree

or higher, 87 percent were doing at least okay, compared with 64 percent of those with a high school degree or less. Of those who live in middle- and up- per-income neighborhoods, 8 in 10 reported overall satisfaction with their community, compared to 6 in 10 of those living in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods. The report draws from the Board's sixth annual Survey of Household Economics and Decision making (SHED), which was conducted in October and November 2018 and examined the financial lives of U.S. adults and their families. Respondents described their experiences on a wide range of topics in- cluding income, employment, dealing with expenses, banking and credit, housing, education, and retirement. The responses were weighted to be nation- ally representative of adults, aged 18 and over, in the United States. A new topic in this year's report—aimed at understanding the experiences of bank customers—was the ability of adults to access funds in their bank accounts. Thirteen percent of those with a bank account had at least one problem accessing funds in their account in the prior year. Problems with a bank website or mobile app (7 percent) and delays in when funds were available to use (6 percent) were the most common problems cited. Those with volatile income and low savings were more likely to experience these problems. "As this report shows, we continue to see the growing U.S. economy supporting most American families," said Federal Reserve Board Governor Michelle W. Bowman. "At the same time, the survey does find differences across communities, with just over half of those living in rural areas describing their local economy as good or excellent compared to two-thirds of those living in cities. Across the country, many families continue to experience financial distress and struggle to save for retirement and unexpected expenses." The Board's SHED data look at how individuals are managing their finances and making decisions vital to their financial lives and futures. Among the report's other key findings: • Changes in family income from month to month remained a source of financial strain for some individuals. Three in 10 adults had family income that varied from month to month. One in 10 struggled to pay their bills at some point in the prior year because of monthly changes in income. Fi- nancial support from family or friends to make ends meet was also common, particularly among young adults. • Most adults are working as much as they want to, an indicator of full employment; however, some remained unemployed or underemployed. One in 10 adults were not working and want to work, though many were not actively looking for work. Four percent of adults in the SHED were not working, wanted to work, and had applied for a job in the prior 12 months, similar to the official unemployment rate of 3.8 percent in the fourth quarter of 2018. Two in 10 were working but said they wanted to work more. Blacks, Hispanics, and those with less education are less likely to be satisfied with how much they were working. • Two-thirds of graduates with a bachelor's degree or more believed that their educational investment had paid off financially, but only 3 in 10 of those who started but did not complete a degree shared this view. • More than half of young adults who attended college took on some debt to pay for their education. Most borrowers were current on their payments or have successfully paid off their loans. More than one-fifth of borrowers who went to private for-profit schools were behind on their loan payments, versus 8 percent who attended public institutions and 5 percent who attended private not-for-profit institutions. • Many adults were struggling to save for retirement. Thirty-six percent of non-retired respondents thought their retirement saving was on track, but one-quarter had no retirement savings or pension whatsoever. Even among those who had some savings, people commonly lacked financial knowl- edge and were uncomfortable making investment decisions.

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New Jersey Offers An App To Help You Feel Comfortable When Choosing Professionals New Jersey Professional License Lookup for the iPhone and iPod Touch allows a quick and convenient way to check on the professional license status of doctors, nurses, contractors, accountants, and any other pro- fessional offering services that require state licensure by the Division of Consumer Affairs. This app offers an easy interface to select the type of professional, along with a wildcard search to quickly locate the name of the individual or company. Results clearly display the license information and status, along with an email feature to send the information directly from your iPhone. WWW.ADMIRALWATER.COM (732) 621-6666 • VETERAN OWNED NJ DEP #517599 • Well Pumps • Water Softener Installs&Repairs • Removal Of RottenEggSmell • ½PriceWater Softener Systems WE DEMOLISH ANY COMPETITOR’S PRICING NJ DEP WELL PUMP INSTALLER GARRET R CARLSEN LL LIC#0021590 ADMIRAL WATER

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$ 11.90 with a minimum order of ten bags for the Solar Crystals with Rust Away (the orange bag) Cannot be combined with other offers & a minimum of 800 lbs on delivery only Expires 9/15/19

Receive One FREE Bag with order of Sun Crystals with Rust Away Cannot be combined with other offers & a Minimum of 800 lbs on delivery only Expires 9/15/19

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Complete Home Remodeling Family Owned ∙ 20+ Years Serving Monmouth and Ocean Counties ∙ (732) 803-5688

NJ HIC #13VH06246600 | NJ New Home Builder #047178

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August 2019

HOME IMPROVEMENT Tips for Keeping a Healthy Home

There are many small and easy things you can do to keep a Healthy Home. Home Health includes your family’s health. Follow these 7 important tips for maintaining health in your home. 1. Keep it Dry Prevent water from entering your home through leaks in roofing systems, rain water from entering the home due to poor drainage and check your interior plumbing for any leaking. 2. Keep it Clean Control the source of dust and contaminants, creating smooth and cleanable surfaces, reducing clutter, and using effective wet-cleaning methods. 3. Keep it Safe

Store poisons out of the reach of children and properly label. Secure loose rugs and keep children’s play areas free from hard or sharp surfaces. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and keep fire extinguishers on hand. 4. Keep it Well-Ventilated Ventilate bathrooms and kitchens and use whole house ventilation for supplying fresh air to reduce the concentration of contaminants in the home. 5. Keep it Pest-free All pests look for food, water and shelter. Seal cracks and openings throughout the home; store food in pest-resistant containers. If needed, use sticky-traps and baits in closed containers, along with least toxic pesticides such as boric acid powder. 6. Keep it Contaminant-free Reduce lead-related hazards in pre-1978 homes by fixing deteriorated paint and keeping floors and window areas clean using a wet-cleaning approach. Test your home for radon, a naturally occurring dangerous gas that enters homes through soil, crawlspaces, and foundation cracks. Install a radon removal system if levels above the EPA action-level are detected. 7. Keep it Well-Maintained Inspect, clean and repair your home routinely. Take care of minor repairs and problems before they become large repairs and problems.

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When The Power Goes Out, AK AIRE Will Light The Way



AK AIRE · 732-416-7719 With this coupon. Some restrictions apply. Not valid with other offers, finance offers or prior purchases. Expires 8-9-19. Go to for more coupons. $ 69 00 Air Conditioning Tune-up + tax SUMMER SPECIAL $ 285 00 Generator Maintenance + tax SUMMER SPECIAL FREE 7 Year Warranty with Generac Generator Purchase! 9-15-19. AK AIRE · 732-416-7719 Coupon Valid On Air Cooled Generators only. Includes oil change, sparks plugs, filters, valve adjustments etc. Call for more details. Some restrictions apply. Not valid with any other offers, discounts or prior purchases. Expires 8-9-19. Go to for more coupons. 9-15-19.

RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL Sales & Installations Repairs & Services on all Makes & Models HVAC, Generator & Complete Electrical Services

$ 500 OFF Any Purchase Of Furnace &

Heating · Cooling · Electrical · Generators

AC System Installation

NJ Master HVACR License # 19HC00013400 NJ Master Electrical Contractor License # 7659 · NJ HIC License # 13VH07840600 · Central Air Conditioning, Oil or Gas Furnaces, Hot Water & Steam, High Efficiency Boilers · Oil-To-Gas Conversions · Maintenance or Parts & Labor Programs · Electrical Panel Changes & Service Upgrades · Landscape Lighting · Interior Retro Fit LED Lighting · Knob and Tube Removal · Gas Line Installation for BBQ, Pool Heaters, New Appliances, etc. FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED 732-416-7719 Visit us on the web Proudly Serving All of NJ

AK AIRE · 732-416-7719 With this coupon. Some restrictions apply. Not valid with other offers, finance offers or prior purchases. Expires 8-9-19. Go to for more coupons. $ 1000 OFF Generac Standby 9-15-19.

Generator Installation

AK AIRE · 732-416-7719 With this coupon. Some restrictions apply. Not valid with other offers, finance offers or prior purchases. Expires 8-9-19. Go to for more coupons. - 5-19.

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August 2019


NEED NEW CARPET OR FLOORING? ™ Never pay store prices again! ™ • We come to you!

1.800.526.RUGS ( 7847 ) 12 MONTHS Special Financing Available *


$ 49

CARPETING { We come to you with over 4,000 styles and colors!

INSTALLATIONOF ANY CARPET One room or whole house! Custom labor may be additional

3 89 sq. ft.

2 92 sq. ft.

3 99 sq. ft.

2 99 sq. ft.

3 96 sq. ft.

Our FREE Guarantee!  FREE Measuring  FREE Premium Padding  FREE Furniture Moving *

Beautiful cut and loop box pattern carpet Available in multi’s and solids, Lifetime Stain, Fade and PetWarranty!

Proven Protection Nylon Carpet Lifetime Soil & Stain Resistance Warranty, 9 colors!

Fade and Stain Resistant Plush Carpet 64 oz. 25 colors in a beautiful multi-color palatte

Scotchgard Pattern Carpets 24 colors, 10YearWarranty!

SmartStrand ALL Pet 9 colors, 20YearWarranty

LAMINATE, VINYL AND TILE { NEVER pay store prices again! ™


 FREE Financing *

4 39 sq. ft. SALE PRICE!

5 96 sq. ft. SALE PRICE!

5 49 sq. ft. SALE PRICE!

4 19 sq. ft. SALE PRICE!

6 89 sq. ft. SALE PRICE!






Mannington ® Hybrid Vinyl Floor, 7” wide 3 season product, 10 colors Floor prep may be additional.

Inhaus ® Eco-Friendly Laminate Flooring Green Guard Gold Rating! 10Visuals Floor prep may be additional.

Shaw ® Scratch Resistant Vinyl Plank Flooring 8 mil. wear layer, 7 wood looks! Floor prep may be additional.

COREtec ® Waterproof 5” Flooring

Congoleum ® AirStep Plus Vinyl Flooring with Scotchgard Floor prep may be additional.

Available in 19 colors Floor prep may be additional.

HARDWOOD { WE Deliver! WE Install! WE Warranty your installation!


8 99 sq. ft.

Anderson ® Monte Carlo Engineered in 6 colors 7” wide, Distinctive Distressed look *Nail down installation.Floor prep may be additional. Cannot be combined with other offers. 8 16 sq. ft. INSTALLED!

7 59 sq. ft.

Mohawk ® Wallingford Handscraped Birch 5” Sawn Cut, 4 colors *Nail down installation.Floor prep may be additional. Cannot be combined with other offers. 6 19 sq. ft. INSTALLED!

8 79 sq. ft.





Mohawk ® American Designer Engineered Handscraped, 5 colors, 5” width *Floor prep may be additional. Cannot be combined with other offers.

Solid Handscraped Taun Hardwood 4 3/4” wide,Tahitian Sunset Color *Nail down installation.Floor prep may be additional. Cannot be combined with other offers.

Johnson Hardwood ® English Pub 1/2” Handscraped Engineered, 7 1/2” wide *Nail down installation.Floor prep may be additional. Cannot be combined with other offers.

©2019 Smart Carpet Inc. Sale ends one week from publication date. Excludes prior sales. *On approved credit. 25% down and minimum purchase of $500 on financed orders only.This credit card is issued with approved credit byWells Fargo Bank,N.A.Equal Housing Lender. Finance charges accrue on the purchase from the date of installation. IF THE SALES PRICE IS PAID IN FULL BY PROMOTION EXPIRATION DATE,NO FINANCE CHARGESWILL BE OWED ONTHE PURCHASE.Otherwise,all accrued finance charges willbeowed.Minimummonthlypaymentrequired.WithintheUnitedStates:StandardAPR28.99%.SeeSMARTCarpetRepresentative fordetails.Excludespriorsales¤tcontracts.Not tobecombinedwithanyothercoupons,offersor third partydiscounts.**G.D. is forglueddownapplications.Floorprepadditional (ifneeded).Free furnituremovingdoesnot includepool tables,pianos,electronics or furniture requiringdisassembly.Small fee forserviceavailable.†Yoursavingsmayvary. NYCHIC#1442735 • NJHIC#13VH01833100 • PAHIC#PA087742 Call today to schedule a FREE estimate! 1-800-526-RUGS or visit

12 MONTHS Special FinancingAvailable * On purchases made with your SMART Carpet Credit Card! APPLY TODAY!





Coupon not to be combined with any other coupons, offers or third partydiscounts.Minimum square footagemustbe of the samehardwood quality. Colors may vary. Coupon must be presented at time of the sale. Cannot be presented at time of installation. Excludes all prior sales & contracts.Expires8/31/19.

Couponnot tobe combinedwithanyother coupons,offersor thirdparty discounts. Minimum square footage must be of the same hardwood quality.Colors may vary.Coupon must be presented at time of the sale. Cannot be presented at time of installation. Excludes all prior sales & contracts.Expires 8/31/19.


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August 2019


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ProtectYour Home - ProtectYour Family! Don’t Let the next Big storm LeaveYou In the Dark!

We Are tHe GenerAtOr exPerts!

Full service electrical Company specializing in KeepingYou Comfortable & safe! 732-425-4500

Ask about Our Generator Finance Program $94 per month

$ 94 Per Month

22 KW stAnDBY GenerAtOr LArGest resIDentIAL stAnDBY GenerAtOr AvAILABLe

No Hidden Costs. Call For Details. Mention this Money Mailer ad for $94 special. Subject to lending approval. Not valid with other offers. Expires 9-6-19.

To advertise in your local Money Mailer call (732) 682-0413 -DC- 377-76-068

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